Friday, November 21, 2008

BMW working on an environment friendly supercar

Words from the mouth of a BMW Insider say that the company is working on a new eco-friendly supercar. Likely to be based on the M1 Homage Concept, the new supercar will be a showcase of the cutting edge technology developed by the company. BMW’s Efficient Dynamics program will be involved in a big way to lower environmental impact. An aluminum spaceframe and carbon-fiber body panels are also likely to be used, in order to lower the weight of the car.

The automaker has not decided on the layout or the powertrain to be used in the car. Reportedly, BMW bosses are considering a mid-engine layout or a front-engine configuration. Similarly, though a twin-turbocharched inline-six-cylinder is currently the favored candidate to deliver power, the final engine may have an engine with new variable-vane turbochargers; a new hybrid powertrain cannot be ruled out either. BMW isn’t working on new projects right now, and the car hasn’t been given the go-ahead yet, but the source has been quoted saying:
It just makes good sense given the sort of focus that is being placed on the environment today. The technology that has been proposed is already largely in place. It’s just a matter of applying it in one purpose-built package.

Image: BMW

Via: Autoweek

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