Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cityAnt Concept – Another wannabe urban traffic buster

Urban traffic is increasing everyday, and so are the concept solutions to the problem. What isn’t exactly coming up is a complete solution. All concepts have more or less the same features – electricity powered, less space consuming vehicles. The cityAnt is another concept in that general direction; the electricity powered car has small dimensions to fit well with the urban traffic. What we like about this concept is that it does not need dedicated lanes or hyper advanced technology, users can simply drive about this car like ordinary cars, it however does require extensive infrastructure, according to the vision of the designers.

The design team envisions a network of cityAnts available for rent, with regularly spaced stations, much like the bicycle renting facilities. Comfortable for two people, the concept has a luggage space and racks for two bicycles.


Via: Tuvie

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