Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eco Cars: Scarab electric concept can impress James Bond

Some concepts vehicles look weird, some lack the basic safety features, some are just too futuristic, but Scarab is safe, developed using current technology and is one hot machine that could just be great for the next James Bond flick. Developed by David Miguel Moreira Gon̤alves, Scarab is powered by a permanent battery plus three options for the main energy pack Рbattery, fuel cell or biofuel.

 Eco Factor: Concept vehicle powered by electric in-wheel motors.

Not only environmentally safe, the vehicle packs a big enough technical punch with multiple driving modes, perfect park mode, embedded sensors, Lidar, radar, transponders, GPS, Drive by Wire, tactile HUD embedded in the Lexan canopy, regenerative braking through EW brakes. The vehicle is composed of interchangeable modules that can easily be customized to give desired looks to the vehicle.

The Dark Side:
The high use of electronics in the car would utilize a major part of the car’s battery capacity, which could show its effect on the car’s performance, speed and range.

Via: YankoDesign

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