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13 Most high-tech cop cars ever!

The days when the police officers use to cruise past the criminal are over as they’re now equipped with new era cars from the likes of Ford, Lamborghini, Cadillac, Chevrolet.... Provided here is the list of top 13 cop cars that can defeat any...

the caparo t1 rrv

The days when the police officers use to cruise past the criminal are over as they’re now equipped with new era cars from the likes of Ford, Lamborghini, Cadillac, Chevrolet.... Provided here is the list of top 13 cop cars that can defeat any criminal who is in fast pursuit to escape the police.

*2012 Ford Police Interceptor

2012 ford police interceptor_jnt7a_3868

Manufacturer: Ford

Information: This is 2012 Ford Police Interceptor based on the Taurus and is Blue Oval’s replacement for current Crown Victoria, which was officers’ choice since mid 90s. Previewed in Las Vegas, the vehicle is now officially official. More Info…

* Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Car

chevrolet caprice police patrol vehicles Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Information: The Police forces across North America will be equipped with an all-new Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicles for 2011. The new and modern rear-drive Caprice PPV will offer both V-8 and V-6 engines, as well as hi-tech specialized equipment and features. More Info…

* Carbon Motors E7

7 patrol vehicle

Manufacturer: Carbon Motor

Information: This car is designed as America’s weapon in the fight against vehicle crime. Purpose-built police car employs the latest in hi-tech crime-fighting equipment, plus bulletproof bodywork and a 3.0-litre BMW turbo-diesel. More Info…

* Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

lp560 4

Manufacturer: Lamborghini

Information: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, the official car for Italian police is equipped with a V10 5.12L engine that has an output of 560 PS at 8000 rpm. The vehicle ca speed up achieving 0-100 km per hour in a matter of 3.7 seconds and can have a top speed of 325 km/h. More Info…

* Brabus Rocket Police Special

brabus rocket police special

Manufacturer: Brabus

Information: The Brabus CLS V12 S Rocket is based on Mercedes CLS, clocked an incredible 362.4 km/h at the famed Nardo test facility in Southern Italy. The new police vehicle on revealed 2006 Essen show is destined for police forces that need to be able to run down autobahn abusers. More Info…

* Caparo T1-RRV

the caparo t1 rrv

Manufacturer: Caparo

Information: The Capro T1-RRV the fastest police car ever designed. Here we have the fastest police car ever designed. Made by British supercar loons Caparo in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Force, the T1-RRV is based on the original Caparo) and is capable of 0-100mph in less than 5 seconds, boasts 575bhp and has a top speed over 200mph. More Info…

* Camaro SS Police Car

camaro ss police car

Manufacturer: Camaro

Information: Texas police deptt. has built this patrol car out of a new Camaro SS. Haltom City Police commissioned Classic Chevrolet of Grapevine, Texas to build this one-of-a-kind Camaro SS police car complete with an LED bar on top, embedded bar in the rear window and our favorite piece: a blue light strip embedded behind the muscle car’s devious grin. More Info…

* Mitsubishi Evo X

south yorkshire police enlist mitsubishi evo x

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

Information: The South Yorkshire police just added a ten new Mitsubishi Evolution X to their squad in 2008. Mitsubishi Evo X is a specially will help keep the Road Crime Unit (RCU) ahead of the baddies and is more than adequate for tracking down drug dealers and car thieves by itself, but deployed as a pack, the trio of Evos will probably scare scofflaws into simply giving up the chase. More Info…

* Dodge Challenger R/T

ford mustang 5

Manufacturer: Dodge

Information: This Dodge Challenger R/T adorned in the famous Green and white colors is a official vehicle for Broward County Sheriff, South Florida. The Challenger R/T is outfitted with a complete package of lights inside, outside and on the roof. More Info…

* Holden VE Commodore

aussie super high tech police car

Manufacturer: Holden

Information:The Holden VE Commodore Australian cop car is equipped with high tech gadgets such as: Voice recognition software that allows police to use the computer while keeping their hands on the wheel; Front and rear cameras that beam real-time footage to communications centers where a supervisor can monitor the car’s speed and position; Automatic number plate recognition camera on the roof which is capable of scanning 5000 to 8000 cars in a 10-hour session and a system that fires a dart with an embedded GPS transponder into a suspect vehicle. More Info…

* Porsche 911

porsche 911

Manufacturer: Porsche

Information: The Hoover Police Department added a sleek Porsche 911 to its fleet. The high-performance German luxury sports car was seized two years ago following a traffic stop on Interstate 20 where Hoover police found 10 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside two compartments. The 2001 Porsche has been detailed and painted to reflect the department’s silver and blue colors. More Info…

* Cadillac CTS-V

cadillac cts v police car

Manufacturer: Cadillac

Information: Well this 2009 Cadillac CTS-V is too awesome a car for the cops and reminds us of Robocop. This car is included in the squad to help police outnumber cruisers on Woodward. More Info…

* Cadilac XLR-V Cop Car

cadilac xlr v cop car

Manufacturer: Cadilac

Information: The 2008 Cadillac XLR-V is a pretty amazing looking vehicle and the V at the end of the car’s moniker indicates that it’s a performance variant of Cadillac’s XLR, but it could easily stand for viciously quick and very luxurious. More Info…

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