Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Delahaye Bella Figura Bugnotti Coupe

Bella Figura Bugnotti Coupe

In the thirties twentieth century the motor industry of France endured present gold epoch. Now the French motor-car manufacturers shy try to squeeze into a premium-segment, but eighty years ago France was famous for the luxury marks which competed on equal terms with Mercedes, Horch, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Alfa Romeo. Firm Delahaye which was exhausting magnificent cars with strongly pronounced sports character was one of such luxury French motor-car manufacturers. Unfortunately, in the fifties destiny Delahaye has been predetermined - the draconian post-war tax laws have actually put on a side of extinction manufacturers powerful and expensive cars. To possess the magnificent car in France became so unprofitable that many fans of cars «with character» have preferred to refuse too burdensome four-wheel toys. Delahay has got under firm Hotchkiss control, it was switched to release of auto trucks, and in 1955 has at all sunk into a non-existence.

But after the lapse of almost sixty years Delahaye has revived behind ocean. It appears, in New Jersey there firm Delahaye USA which has decided to return legendary mark to a life. Instead of creating present Delahaye, they have rethought Jean Bugatti's creative heritage, taking for a basis cult model of the thirtieth years Bugatti Type 57 Atlantique. And the car created on motives Bugatti named Delahaye Bella Figura Bugnotti Coupe which will present on court of public in August on the well-known autoshow Concorso d'Elegance that will pass in Pebble Beach California.

Information on that car while very small. It is expected that under a cowl motor V12 will take places, and the car will be offered with two bodies – aluminium and carbon. In the first case the car will cost $450 000, and in the second $250 000. If someone will be confused with such price all for $50 000 can be bought whale-set Delahaye Bella Figura Bugnotti Coupe and to assemble the car by own hands. However, the engine and a check point should be bought separately. By itself, Delahaye will be issued by scanty circulation that, however, only will add to it values in the opinion of collectors.

Bella Figura Bugnotti Coupe

Bella Figura Bugnotti Coupe

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