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10 awesome toy cars you'll drool over like a kid

The toy cars that are sometimes miniature forms of the originals, merely a toy, a piece of art or otherwise have got considerable attention time and again from children and car enthusiast equally. They are not only for the children but also adorned...

most expensive toy car

The toy cars that are sometimes miniature forms of the originals, merely a toy, a piece of art or otherwise have got considerable attention time and again from children and car enthusiast equally. They are not only for the children but also adorned equally by auto freaks having likings for the cars that has been replicated into toys or miniature forms. Well, here we are adding a list of 10 toy cars that will take out a child hidden within you.

Nissan Fairlady Z 432

platinum toy car1_j5zuv_3868

Brief Info: To mark the 40th anniversary of model maker Tomica and the Fairlady Z itself, Japanese jewel maker, Ginza Tanaka, has made one of a kind replica of the toymaker’s die-cast 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432. Read more…

Ferrari FXX Pedal-Car

farrari toy car

Brief Info: Ferrari FXX pedal-car is just a toy for your kids and people like me to go around in. But it is not just any other toy. The FXX Racer pedal car comes equipped with a seven-speed transmission, an on-board computer, and disc brakes, semi-slick racing tires and styling, which, as you can see, is modeled on Maranello’s developmental track-car. Read more…

A 1:64 scaled die cast special edition toy cars

hot wheels unveils speed machine_esmmc_3868

hot wheels unveils speed machine4_b31as_3868

hot wheels unveils speed machine5_dfh71_3868

Brief Info: Hot Wheels factory has come up with ‘Speed Machines’ which is a new line of 1:64-scaled die-cast special-edition toy cars that are far from the regular assortments. These cars are different to the ones you often come across in the market not because they have been name Speed Machines but they come with a more-detailed and accurate portrayal of the world’s fastest machines. Read more…

Joyride toy car

joyride car_lorrb_3868

Brief Info: The Joyride toy car is ideal to let them experience some real-world fun. Designed by Per Brolund, this car doesn’t come as is pictured above but disassembled. However, it is made in such a way that it could be assembled without using any tool. Read more…

Hydrogen powered toy car

hydrozen powered car

Brief Info: This is one hydrogen car you can afford but cannot drive! The H-Racer, developed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is the smallest car that runs on hydrogen. Should you run out of fuel, a solar powered hydrogen refueling station is packed alongside the toy. Read more…

Heirloom quality pedal toy car

corvette pedal car

Brief Info: Made by Kettler, makers of quality ride on toys in Germany since 1949, this appealing pedal car has been modeled after a 1953 Corvette. Attention has been paid to every detail, and it comes with a chrome grill, fenders and bumper with detailed wheel covers. Read more…

BMW Baby Racer II

bmw baby racer

Brief Info: The new BMW Baby Racer II is plenty of fun for kids, both indoors and outdoors. It’s one mighty good way for you to initiate your kids into becoming BMW worshipers like you and also have loads of fun racing around the block. Its thick tires not only guarantee a quiet ride, but are also said to overcome small obstacles with ease, just like you do with your BMW car. Read more…

CMC toy cars


Brief Info: CMC, a toy manufacturer known for making quality car models symbolizing their finesses and prosperity, is another contender who throws its hat into the same ring. Flaunting its new collection for all the automotive enthusiasts, the manufacturer unveils its new 2009 collection of handcrafted scale models at this year’s Toy Fair held in N├╝rnberg. Read more…

Junior 35 MPH Classic Corvette

classic corvette

Brief Info: This gasoline-powered replica of a 1956 Corvette C1 is renowned for racing at Florida’s famous Sebring International Raceway. This junior classic Corvette can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph. The car is finished with attention to every detail to match the original Corvette, including the single driver-side mirror, twin turn indicators on the right side of the hood and the cowling on the trunk that housed a light which illuminates the racing number. Read more…

Audi’s Auto Union Type C pedal car

most expensive toy car

Brief Info: Audi’s Auto Union Type C pedal car just took a back seat as Hot Wheels unveiled the world’s most expensive toy car. To commemorate their 40th anniversary, as well as their 4 billionth car, Hot Wheels commissioned jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills to coat an 18k white gold casting of their Custom Otto with over 2,700 blue, white and black diamonds. While even the tires are set with them, diamonds aren’t the only precious stone used in the costly 1:64 scale car. Its tail lights are actually rubies. Read more…

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