Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bugatti will receive 1200 h.p.

Bugatti 1200

Apparently, engineers of company Bugatti have started creation of the new version of the super car Veyron. And, the new model will possess the engine capacity not 1001 h.p., as now, but 1200 h.p. It was mentioned in the lecture at the Viennese technical university by Ferdinand Pih, the former chairman Volkswagen, and nowadays the head of the supervisory board of concern (speak, Pih became the initiator of creation the most expensive car in world Bugatti Veyron).

However it is not known yet, which car will receive the 1200-strong power unit. Versions here only two. Or the new engine will put under a cowl of present generation Veyron, or now there is a creation of essentially new coupe which becomes more, more powerfully and, certainly, is more expensive than present model.

The second variant seems to be more truthful. After all in Bugatti for a long time already said that all will be assembled only 300 Veyron, and all of them are already sold. Therefore it is necessary for engineers Bugatti to create new model which will help to be fixed the companies at top of world car industry.

Management Bugatti is ready to give «green light» to a new super sedan which will appear in the market in three years. This car will receive name Bugatti 16C Galibier. It is supposed that Bugatti will construct only 300 similar super sedans, each of which will cost about 1,5 million euros. The car will be equipped 800 h.p. eight-litre W-shaped 16-cylinder engine from Veyron.

Bugatti 1200

Bugatti 1200

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