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15 high-end super-realistic driving simulators

The driving simulators – life sized or small enough to fit well in the bedroom – are not always designed to cater to the senses of the racing enthusiasts who love speed but couldn’t make to any grand racing event in one way or the other. ...

ds 230 virtual reality driving simulator

The driving simulators – life sized or small enough to fit well in the bedroom – are not always designed to cater to the senses of the racing enthusiasts who love speed but couldn’t make to any grand racing event in one way or the other. However, there are other reasons like to increase driving awareness, to study the driving behaviors, to provide the trainees with the real world like situations, to study the accident causes and many more. Here we have compiled the list of 15 high-end super-realistic driving simulators that will not only educate you but also make you feel the real situations and add more to the fun.

Name of the Simulator: Ferrari driving simulator

Manufacturer: Ferrari

ferrari driving simulator

Information: This giant simulator is from Ferrari made for its F1 racing team, and weighs 200 tons with 10 computers installed along with five huge 3D video screens and a 3500 Watt Dolby Sound System to go along. While the simulator does try to resemble real world conditions as closely as possible, Ferrari agrees that nothing can beat driving a real car, but the simulator still does have cost and time advantages. Read more

Name of the Simulator: VDI Driving Simulator

Manufacturer: Virtual Driver Interactive



Information: The VDI Driving Simulator is intended to help people develop basic driving skills before actually going out on the road. VDI Simulator is capable of creating a number of driving situations and environments, in a way ensuring that the driver being trained has a little experience of what to expect on the road and how to react to the situation. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: DIY driving station

Manufacturer: A Japanese fan of simulator

driving simulator

Information: Created by a Japanese fan, this one is made of PVC pipes, a wooden plank, and cable ties. Plus, it comes complete with a steering wheel, foot pedal mounts and it can be folded and stashed away easily. Read More…

Name of the Simulator: Toyota simulator

Manufacturer: Toyota’s Higashifuji Technical Centre in Japan

toyota driving simulator_59

Information: Toyota’s driving simulator is realistically a 7.1 meter wide dome that functions as a 360 degree camera/ video screen to gauge every moment of the of the real car placed inside. The simulator assesses the driver going through all sorts of motions, be it falling asleep while driving, ignoring that the road is safe and then develop systems after assessing these situations to protect accidental fatalities or the accidents at the first go. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: Full Motion Formula Simulator

full motion formula simulator

Information: The Full Motion Formula Simulator has cool features like 3D movements, integrated body-shaker, adjustable pedal system, removable steering wheel, and force feedback technology. The dimensions being 8 x 4 metres, it needs 380v of power. Read More…

Name of the Simulator: Honda Automobile driving simulator

Manufacturer: Honda

honda automobile driving simulator_ezg9o_3868

Information: Honda Automobile Driving simulator has especially been designed to spread the driving awareness and give trainees an experience and sense of driving which is close to real world conditions. This simulator is clubbed with a retail personal computer and with a steering wheel; Honda Safety Navi provides a simple and easy to use automobile driving simulator. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: F1Showcar Motion Simulator

Manufacturer: F1Showcar Team

f1showcar motion simulator

f1showcar motion simulator

Information: This motion simulator comes in the shape of an F1 car, with F1Showcar chassis, fiberglass composite bodywork, F1-inspired seat and harnesses, carbon fiber wishbone, turning wheels, and a 19-inch LCD screen. It is built on a platform pneumatic system and can seat a person 190 cm in height and 90kg in weight. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: F1 simulator

Manufacturer: Mark Reynolds (DIY)

f1 simulator_rxwhr_3868

f1 simulator1_ku65f_3868

Information: This F1 Simulator by Mark Reynolds gives you a unique experience to drive F1 car in real like situation. You can even make your own F1 simulator and all you need is a flat-screen HDTV and some pretty extensive knowledge of physics and robotics. This home made simulator was built by Mark in 2007 and has manual gearbox, steering wheel, and a racing seat. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: Da Vinci Driving Simulator Rig

Manufacturer: Mirage3D

mirage 3d davinci driving simulator

Information: The Mirage3D simulators Da Vinci is an exclusively designed driving simulator Rig. Its philosophy is to omit the redundant functionality of a real vehicle, and add the essential functionality for a driving simulator environment. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: DS-230 Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

Manufacturer: CGSDds 230 virtual reality driving simulator

Information: The DS-230 utilizes a force feedback steering wheel to provide the dynamics of the road to the driver. Effects, such as running into a curb, are simulated, as is the force needed to make a turn. A column-mounted switch cluster controls turn signals, hazard lights, head lights, wipers, and windshield washers. The console to the right of the driver houses the automatic transmission shift lever (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, 2nd gear, and 1st gear) and the parking brake lever. Accelerator and brake pedals are provided below the dashboard. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: X6 Simulator

Manufacturer: x6-simulato

x6 simulator

Information: X6 simulator that uses an automatic 6-axis motion unit to simulate an authentic driving experience of Formula 1 cars. The X6 simulaor features blue LED illumination for a dramatic feel, picture output options in 2D or 3D during the simulation as well as a choice of add-ons, sound and visual system, V8 motor, a wide choice of racing circuits and customizable options to suit your needs. Read more...

Name of the Simulator: Simcraft’s SC 830 racing simulator

Manufacturer: Simcraft

simcrafts sc 830 racing simulator

Information: Simcraft’s racing simulator gives three degrees of freedom (roll 40° /pitch 25° /yaw 40°), the system works well for quick responses, smoother curves, and great fun playing. It apparently works well with 18 gaming titles and has three screens. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: High-tech CARRS-Q driving simulator

Manufacturer: Queensland University of Technology

high tech carrs q driving simulator

Information: The CARRS-Q is an advanced driving simulator that’s first of its kind to display the difference between control on road and fatal tragedy. The simulator which simulates driving at speed under different conditions is being used by the researchers to study dangerous driver behavior. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: FAAC - Military Vehicles and Aircraft Simulations

Manufacturer: FAAC

5 faac

Information: US Marine Corps’ MTVR driver training simulator with three DOF motion seats is designed to give official real aircraft like situation to practice. Read more…

Name of the Simulator: Pacesetter’s Grand Prix arcade racer

Manufacturer: Pacesetter

pacesetters grand prix racing simulator

pacesetters grand prix racing simulator

Information: The simulator features 180 degree wrap-around triple screen, genuine driving controls based on real vehicle data, realistic 3D sound and low frequency vibration feel along with 40 real-life international circuits. Read more…

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